Wednesday, October 31, 2007

121 Fern St, Redlands CA - SOLD

What an awesome Afternoon! the lighting was low and the weather was cool and dry, perfect for drawing. I was commissioned to sketch this house and I gladly accepted. Fern street has a lot of nice houses and a lot of palm trees! I've been asked to sketch several more houses on this block so I'm looking forward to some good sketching!

This drawing had a little challenge at the end, beginning the drawing is always easy for me, it's the end that I often find challenging. when do I stop? often I force myself or I'll end up overworking the drawing. I'm discovering the best way to stop a landscape drawing is when a truck parks in front of you, or when I run out of sharp pencils. Any finishing tips out there?

PS. I decided to have a drawing blog separate from my painting a day blog. let me know what you think of the idea?

Kindest regards,


Monday, October 29, 2007

Pasadena Playhouse Drawing

I had fun this weekend, I went to Pasadena, California to buy some art supplies at Blick's and do a little urban drawing. Well it ended up with one big drawing of The Pasadena Play House! The building was beautiful with morning light so I sat for several hours. I do have to return to this location and make a painting, perhaps next weekend. This drawing is huge, 18" x 24"! took me about 5 hours.