Thursday, February 25, 2010

Figure Drawings/Sketches Slideshow

Hi, I discovered a way to present several of my figure drawings at once. I created this Youtube slide show. It contains a good amount of my figure drawings and a couple of portrait drawings I recently created.

I'm so proud of these, they are all beautiful pieces. You can hear me speaking on this slide show. I explain a little of my process and how long it takes me to create the pieces. All drawings are graphite on
Strathmore drawing paper

Thank you for viewing my slide show. I'm working on another slideshow on how I draw still lifes. Hopefully available by next week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portrait Drawing - Male Guitar Player

I attended a portrait drawing session this morning, I had a great time and completed this nice piece. I decided to position my
Strathmore Drawing Paper Pad
in portrait position as opposed to landscape because I wanted to draw the head and hands bigger.

I used Ebony graphite pencils. The model sits for 20-minute sessions before breaks.
  1. In 1st 20-minutes, I began with quick gesture drawing of head and hands to make sure both elements were going to fit. Then I sketched in head.
  2. In 2nd 20-minutes, I started sketching the hands.
  3. In 3rd and 4th 20-minutes, I worked on detailing both head and hands and building the contrast.
This was the result. I'm happy with it. O ya, I forgot to mention I created this piece while listening to good country music :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Female Figure Drawing

Hello everyone, I haven't posted a drawing in a long time. I was on a dry spell but now I'm back and motivated.

I'm right now in Toledo, Ohio with family and I've been attending figure drawing sessions. Here's a figure drawing from last night session that I'm proud of. I had a great time. I was definitely in the zone. The crowd was small, the drawing studio had a good vibe, and the model was focused. O ya, and they played Beatles music :).

This is a really low view, the model was on a tall pedestal, so it has the cool effect of viewing her from the ground up.

I created this figure drawing in graphite on Strathmore Premium drawing paper. It took me about 30 min. I did a lot of proportions measurements and sighting with my pencil for alignment. More to come.