Monday, July 8, 2013

The Best Figure Drawing In Toledo!

As far as I'm concerned the best figure drawing sessions in town is at Paul Geiger's Tholipon Press Studio in Toledo Ohio! I was there Wednesday evening and I produced some nice pieces. I should be giving all the credit to the model. He was excellent.

Again I sketched on newsprint paper using vine charcoal and General's 2B charcoal pencils. I'm really enjoying this medium. The session starts with a 5 minute pose so I need to work quickly, the vine charcoal is great for this because it's soft and I can quickly draw a gesture sketch of the figure, just a quick general shape of the pose. As soon as I feel I have all the basic shapes of the model I switch to the General's charcoal pencils and begin to add more detail until the time runs out. I did this for the 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute poses, the more time I had the more detail I added. By the time I reach the 30 minute pose I'm warmed up and in the drawing zone. It's a blissful feeling.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Portrait drawing of Michelle

I attended the Al Hyter Portrait Group last Saturday morning. It was our model’s last day. The models pose four to five weekends in a row so you get to know the model. Michelle did an excellent job holding the pose still and was fun to talk to during breaks.

As always I got up as close as possible to the model to get as much detail as I can. There’s one thing that drove me nuts on this pose and that was the hand. Drawing hands is tough; getting them right is even harder. I feel I got it right on the larger image above. I might have sketched it too big, but I think it works well on the model when drawing from this angle.

I had a good time producing these two pieces. Plus Bruce, the coordinator, played some good tunes, and I had some good laughs with the other whimsical artists. I will miss this group when I go to NY.