Thursday, February 28, 2013

Figure Drawing on 18x24

Where does the time go! Last night I attended Paul Giegers 3-hr figure drawing session and the time just flew by, I was in the zone. I created some nice drawings. We had an excellent model, nice bone and muscle structure, and his portrait was interesting to draw, eyebrows, nose and beard. Plus Paul played good tunes, starting with classical music and ending with Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

I showed up at this session with a bigger drawing pad, 18"x 24" it's been a long time since I've sketched on this size. I've been using smaller sizes 14x17 and 11x14 because they cost less. I can complete drawings fast and the smaller size fits better on my scanner. So I was a little concerned last night showing up with bigger paper. I did use a lot of sharp pencils but didn't tire out and was able to maintain my concentration and patience.

It was nice drawing bigger. I focus more on drawing details larger on hands, face and feet. Drawing the figure's proportions was challenging too. I think I drew the head too big on the second long pose drawing. I got carried away working on the portrait details. It kinda looks like one of Rodin's sculptors.
  • Large sample 25minutes pose
  • Small sample (big head) 60minute pose 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wabi Sabi Still Life Drawing

Wow! Where do I begin? So much I want to share on this post. Here's a recent still life drawing. This one is different. Lately, I've been setting up still lifes, but for this one, I simply sat by the edge of the kitchen table and began to draw. I wanted that random, wabi sabi feeling of fruit, cups, stuff placed on the table as a composition.

This one was a little more challenging because of all the shapes, especially the tea cups and the antique fan, and because I sketched it on bigger paper, 14" x 17".  I'm working my way towards creating bigger pieces. The next size I want to draw on is 18" x 24". Bigger paper for me means more time, more sharp pencils and more concentration/patience.

Lately the idea of attending art school for an MFA has inspired me. I've had a flood of ideas, and they are all big in size and in concept. So I'm starting now.  I'm going to work on bigger and bigger pieces to prepare myself mentally and physically for what's to come when I'm working on my MFA.

I'll share more on the next post. Till then, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fresh Fruit Still Life Drawing on Paper

How I love to draw fruit! If you want get better at drawing I believe drawing fruit offers the fundamental shapes for building good sketching skills. Especially if you're drawing bananas, they are the most difficult to draw. They look so simple but tough to draw when trying to capture their likeness.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Young Asian Woman Portrait Study

Last Saturday morning I attended Al Hyter's Portrait session. They have a new model for the next 3 weeks. Drawing this model will have its challenges: she is young and her face is smooth so how do I draw her portrait? Here's where less is more. I have to force myself to keep the details and tone light and simple. This is tough for me because I enjoy drawing and can overwork the drawing.

When I first started this portrait I was just going to sketch the head and neck but then decided to include the hands, arms and shoulders. You can see were I changed my mind, there's a large light quick sketch of the head on the right side. I did this because I liked the simple gesture of the hands and the fold from her blouse, plus it was more challenging.

I brought a friend with me to this session. She was a little nervous and claimed to be "a beginner". We are all beginners, I've been drawing for many years and I still have that quest/desire for becoming a better skilled draftsman. It was humbling watching my friend draw, her struggles of drawing from life were no different than mine. I gave her some tips for her drawing but the best advice was to simply draw, draw a lot, and enjoy the process.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Years Still Life Sketch

Here are two sketches I created at the beginning of the year. I wanted to start with a drawing pencil in my hand. In 2013 I do want to draw and paint more. I get so busy and the days just fly by that everything else just seems to get in the way of what I really enjoy doing most. But no excuse, I have to set my priorities and at least draw and paint a little bit everyday.

I recently applied to grad school for an MFA. I applied to the New York Academy of Art and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. I submitted my application with portfolio, so now for the wait, hopefully an acceptance letter. I'm a little nervous, fingers crossed, and Insha'Allah.

I don't think I'll ever lose interest in drawing still lifes, the possibilities and drawing challenges are endless especially when drawing bananas! I believe drawing fruits and vegetables are the next best thing to drawing the human figure from life.