Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portrait Drawing - Male Guitar Player

I attended a portrait drawing session this morning, I had a great time and completed this nice piece. I decided to position my
Strathmore Drawing Paper Pad
in portrait position as opposed to landscape because I wanted to draw the head and hands bigger.

I used Ebony graphite pencils. The model sits for 20-minute sessions before breaks.
  1. In 1st 20-minutes, I began with quick gesture drawing of head and hands to make sure both elements were going to fit. Then I sketched in head.
  2. In 2nd 20-minutes, I started sketching the hands.
  3. In 3rd and 4th 20-minutes, I worked on detailing both head and hands and building the contrast.
This was the result. I'm happy with it. O ya, I forgot to mention I created this piece while listening to good country music :)

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