Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mr. Sincero - Tattoo Artist

Here's a portrait of Sincero, owner of Ink Creations Tattoo Studio in Quebradillas Puerto Rico. Again, it was fun and a challenge drawing Sincero. He wanted me to add his hands and the tattoo tool. I understand, he's a artist and want show his medium, but for me it makes it more complicated and more time. it's like creating three drawings, the face and the hands with tool and of course the tattoos on the hands. Sincero did a great job sitting still and this was the result.

Sincero had this piece nicely framed and hangs in the shop. Thank you Ink Studio Creations, it's an honer.


Me drawing at Ink Studio Creations, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

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Hi my friend I hope everything is well with you God bless