Monday, January 14, 2013

Figure Drawing Session at Gieger Studios

This was an nice drawing session. We started with 5 minute poses, these are the small samples above. I like these quick gesture drawings, they are the substance of my drawing, here's were I warm up, put my mind in the drawing zone. And most important, it's where I let go, meaning I don't get caught up on the details of the drawing. It's 5 minutes so I just draw and let the skills I've developed over the years simply do their work. 

For the final long pose, the model was placed on a high platform with lighting from above. It's the reason why my eye level is lined up with the floor and the shadow is directly under the model.

I like that the model was placed on the chair, it gives the drawing of the figure a good solid foundation. And I like the form of the chair because it adds depth to the drawing.


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