Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wabi Sabi Still Life Drawing

Wow! Where do I begin? So much I want to share on this post. Here's a recent still life drawing. This one is different. Lately, I've been setting up still lifes, but for this one, I simply sat by the edge of the kitchen table and began to draw. I wanted that random, wabi sabi feeling of fruit, cups, stuff placed on the table as a composition.

This one was a little more challenging because of all the shapes, especially the tea cups and the antique fan, and because I sketched it on bigger paper, 14" x 17".  I'm working my way towards creating bigger pieces. The next size I want to draw on is 18" x 24". Bigger paper for me means more time, more sharp pencils and more concentration/patience.

Lately the idea of attending art school for an MFA has inspired me. I've had a flood of ideas, and they are all big in size and in concept. So I'm starting now.  I'm going to work on bigger and bigger pieces to prepare myself mentally and physically for what's to come when I'm working on my MFA.

I'll share more on the next post. Till then, enjoy!

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