Friday, September 20, 2013

Bridge Drawing at Central Park New York City

I am now attending the New York Academy of Art. My concentration is painting. I've been busy, excited and motivated!

On weekends, I visit Central Park. I take my lawn chair, a handful of sharp Ebony pencils and 14x17 80lb Strathmore Recycled Drawing Paper. I enjoy drawing at Central Park. The park is big and the weather has been perfect. I go early to avoid the crowds. I sit in the shade and draw the bridges.
This bridge is behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art called Graywacke Arch. I like how the bridges have a really dark shadow underneath, and that small window to the other side. This bridge had a violinist playing underneath, a perfect spot because there was a lot of people traffic.

it's not just the bridge that catches my attention. I have to also include its surroundings: the big tree, the benches, the shrubs, and people. It just wouldn't be a bridge without those elements.

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Fluffy said...

Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing more :)