Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Portrait Drawings

Two drawings I wanted to share with you from yesterday's portrait session. I was looking forward to this all week, I've been working a lot of hours and haven't had time to sit and draw. I arrived early and of course the model I wanted to draw showed up late, Haha!

It worked out fine because they had two models scheduled. I sketched the male model until the female model dressed in 60s theme arrived.

Drawing the man was a good warm up, I had fun with it, except I think I sketched the eyes too close, something about it just doesn't feel right. I still have much to learn.

The young woman's drawing is nice except for a few spots. I wanted to sketch full figure on big paper, so it took me a lot longer. Proportions are a little off. Head might be a little too big, right hand too small, a couple things here and there but I'm okay with it. I enjoyed creating and completing this piece.

It was a good and much needed drawing session, plus they played Motown music and I enjoyed the funny and interesting stories from the elders. Next Saturday, two new models.


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