Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Beatles Abby Road & Charcoal

Okay, there's nothing better then figure drawing to Beatles album Abbey Road! What a combo!!

I just returned from Paul Gieger's figure drawing session and had a great time, every drawing was a winner. They started with short 5 minute poses. This time I used vine charcoal to warm up. I haven't used vine charcoal in a long time. It felt good: it's soft, easy to apply, and has a rich black color. I got nice results and it inspired me to buy some charcoal pencils.

I used to draw a lot in charcoal then switched to graphite because it was easier, inexpensive, and not messy. Maybe it's time to make a switch back to charcoal plus if I'm planning on going to grad school, charcoal will be the medium of choice for drawing.

Bianca, our model, did a great job with her poses. I want to scan all my drawings and share them with you. Here are a few from tonight's session.

Thanks again, Paul, for the awesome music and wine/snacks at break time.


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